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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Is social media and social networking becoming the pillar of small business marketing? We think so. We believe that online social networking is changing the way customers discover and engage small businesses.

Just a few years ago, if a business wanted to establish an online presence, all they needed to do is put up a website and market their products and services through a few search engines and business directories. But that is no longer the case.

With the advent of online social networking, things have gotten more complicated. Especially for small business owners that don't have the time or may not have the means to engage online. Customers are now empowered to easily discuss your business on a growing number of online venues, without your knowledge or consent.


So why should a small business owner care about Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is an effective tool for small business owners that wish to stay connected with their customers, community, and the rest of the world:

  • Identify and engage customers in an online social setting where they are already talking about you.
  • Promote loyalty by enhancing both awareness and image of your business and building a network of core supporters.
  • Reach a larger audience through viral dissemination of real-time news, special offers, and multimedia content.
  • Market your product and services to a highly targeted audience, while getting the message out faster and boosting sales.
  • Influence your search engine ranking by providing search engines with the right "social signals".
  • Improve your online reputation by responding to public complaints that if left alone would tarnish your reputation.


Happy Planet Central can setup and manage your business profile and customer engagements on social media sites and location-based services. You can choose from dozens of sites, including:

  • Blogger
  • Facebook Pages
  • Foursquare for Business
  • Google+ Pages
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Yelp for Business


Contact us for price and service availability in your area.

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